Gateway FX540 High-Powered Desktops

Tackle demanding 3D apps, power through rich gaming environments and manage your high-def media library with the new Gateway FX540 series. Designed to deliver heavy-hitting quad-core power, these Gateway desktops are specialized for high-end gaming, video editing, photo-processing and other power-hungry applications. With factory overclock, the Gateweay FX540XT’s CPU jacks up clock speed to more than 3.66GHz and drive an overall processor speed increase of 20%. Gateway offers standard limited warranty on any overclocked system, ensuring that you get a stable, overclocked system tricked out for maximum speed.

Equipped with Genuine Windows Vista Home Premium, quad-core processing, nVidia 8600 graphics, 1TB of storage and 2GB of RAM, the FX540 is the next progression in Gateway,s powerful FX line.