Happy AQUA bath tub speakers from Pioneer

The “Happy AQUA” from Pioneer Corporation is a portable splash proof (class 4 JIS) monaural speaker. The slim hanging type “AS-PS55” can be used in bath room to enjoy music. The speaker floats in the bath tub and is available in three colors-blue, pink and white. Portable players like- CD, MD and digital audio players are connected via the head phone terminal inside the enclosure. . The frame and the hook section are made of polypropylene, with silicon rubber gasket for connection. The amplifier out put is 0.325W with 8 Ω impedance and the speaker diameter is 57mm.The power source is electric battery. The S letter type hook makes it easy to hang the speaker in a bath room.

As for external size- 210 x 85 x 212mm (width × depth × height) and weight is approximately 365g. Happy AQUA will cost approximately 2,900 Yen ($ 20) and will be available by February.