He drives a BMW during daytime and commits burglaries at night!

A corporate executive dressed in fancy clothes and drove a BMW during the daytime, but by night he operated as a burglar. This was the double life led by a 39-year-old Kim who robbed luxury mansions in the affluent Gangnam area in southern Seoul. Police arrested Kim for committing 49 burglaries in Gangnam since September 2006 that netted him 10 billion won ($10 million) in cash and valuables. He has seven previous convictions. After each robbery, Kim evaded police checkpoints by leaving the crime scene in his BMW to throw off suspicion. Kim bought a Lexus for his live-in girlfriend and gave her 10 million won every month for living costs. Even she did not know that he was a burglar.

Kim kept the money in borrowed-name accounts and passed himself off among his neighbors as an executive working for a trading company.