Hello Kitty iPod Speaker Dock with touch sensitive volume ear

Hello Kitty Speaker Dock KT1 from CAV Japan uses SMT (Surface Mounting Technology) and Surface Mount Technology LEA (Lossless Energy Amplication Technology) for a realistic 360-degree sound output. The 2.1 channel Hello Kitty iPod Speakers incorporates a bottom woofer for more realistic sound. Specs include- Speakers- 31mm full-range woofer diameter × 1 × 2 88mm,output 2.5W × 2ch +6 W ( subwoofer ). Playback frequency 60Hz ~ 20kHz. SN ratio of 75dB. It has a mini stereo input to connect to other audio devices.

Volume can be adjusted simply by touching the ear or with the included remote control. Remote control can be used for selection of songs also. Hello Kitty Speaker Dock KT1 from CAV Japan measures185 × 157 × 145mm and will be available in Japan this October for approximately 14,800 yen ($175) in two colors-Whites and Pink.