Huawei Releases Industry’s First Multi-band Miniature Antenna supporting 700/850-900MHz

Huawei released the industry’s first multi-band miniature antenna supporting 700/850-900MHz at the Latin American LTE Forum last week. This antenna adopts the innovative Dipole Reuse technology and supports various bands ranging from 700/850-900/1800MHz to AWS/PCS/2100/2600MHz. Among these, the quad-band antenna (690-803/824-960/1710-2690MHz) boasts a reduction in width of 40% compared to a traditional antenna. Besides its compact size, the Huawei multi-band miniature antenna also supports remote independent adjustment in electrical down-tilt allowing it to achieve the best network performance, meeting the demands of multi-band network deployments and providing a better mobile service for subscribers.

Huawei’s Multi-band Antenna portfolio, capable of supporting 700/850-900MHz, can help operators provide a better performance, easy deployment with a modern and more intelligent antenna. This series of antennas, with their compact size, can achieve easy deployment while supporting many bands from 700 to 850-900MHz simultaneously.

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