Huawei unveils Worlds first Hi-Fi stereo + Bluetooth headset featuring 4G of local MP3 storage for 1,000 songs

Huawei TalkBand N1 is world’s first Hi-Fi stereo + Bluetooth headset featuring 4G of local MP3 storage for 1,000 songs, Bluetooth calling, and sports tracking. Made with high quality loudspeaker components, Huawei TalkBand N1 gives users the ultimate experience in professional sound quality on par with higher end headsets thanks to chamber tuning. With a 20-20KHz frequency range, TalkBand N1 provides the finest sound quality with higher expressiveness. Housing APTX Bluetooth transmission technology, users will enjoy CD quality sound through the Bluetooth headset.

Huawei_TalkBand N1_ Bluetooth Headset_exercisePaired with a smartphone, TalkBand N1 is also a health and sports tracker with functionalities includes step counting, distance calculation, calorie consumption tracking, and more. It also carries a function that broadcasts the names or phone numbers of incoming calls so users won’t miss a call on the road.
Huawei_TalkBand N1_ Bluetooth Headset_launchWith an X type design made with a TPU soft rubber material surface, the TalkBand N1 weighs a consumer friendly 18 grams, and has an IP54 dustproof and waterproof level, making the headset sweat proof for those active users. The magnetic earbud design turns the TalkBand N1 from a convenient headset to a fashionable necklace accessory. The TalkBand N1 comes in three stylish colors: Silver, Grey and Red. Huawei TalkBand N1 will be available for approximately 119 euros ($133).

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