Hyundai i20 first car to have new Hyundai U2 diesel engine

hyundai_dieselengine_A.jpgThe Powertrain R&D Center of Hyundai Motor Company has completed development of a new, more fuel efficient and cleaner diesel engine for compact passenger vehicles (C–segment and below). Displacing 1,582cc, the Hyundai U2 is an inline four cylinder engine which utilizes second generation common rail diesel injection system to deliver class–leading performance. By combining advanced engineering know–how with state–of–the–art technologies such as a variable geometry turbocharger, a variable swirl control system and an electronically controlled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) cooling system, the U2 development team was able to successfully optimize the ports and combustion chambers. This endows the U2 with outstanding fuel economy (4.7 L/100km) and low emissions (125g CO2 /km). Moreover, the U2 is fully compliant with the latest Euro4 emission standards.

The optional particulate filter reduces particulate matter to Euro 5 standards which take effect next year. The first car to have the U2 engine installed will be the successor model of the Getz, the all–new i20 sub–compact. The i20, due to be launched in Europe towards the end of 2008, will be produced at Hyundai Motor Co.´s Indian subsidiary in Chennai.