Infineon announces World’s highest integrated one-chip solution for GSM/GPRS ultra low-cost phones

The Infineon X-GOLD110 is the world’s highest integrated and very cost effective one-chip solution for GSM/GPRS ultra low-cost phones. The X-GOLD110 is the heart of Infineon’s mobile phone platform XMM 1100 offering optimized functionalities on a small footprint 4-Layer-PCB. The new platform supports colour display, mp3 playback, FM Radio, USB charging and is prepared for Dual-Sim and camera solutions. The Infineon XMM1100 helps to shorten internal research cycles at the phone manufacturers from more than one year to 3 to 4 month, due to the high amount of know-how integrated in the platform and the almost ‘plug-and-play’ qualification.

The Infineon X-GOLD110 furthermore optimizes production cycles by reduced component count from 200 to 50. Samples of the Infineon X-GOLD110 and the XMM1100 are available in Q2, 2009. Volume production starts in the second half of this year.