Interview with Sony Mobile designers on creating the world’s slimmest and lightest tablet- Xperia Tablet Z

This coming Monday, Sony in a premium smartphone- Xperia Z”>Sony Xperia Tablet Z will start shipping to markets across the globe, so over the next few days Sony will be taking a look at the backstory of this amazing product, along with some tips & tricks, feature demos and walk-throughs. Xperia Tablet Z shares the same cool Sony software, hardware and design elements as our Xperia Z smartphone including water resistance, the latest Sony screen tech, media applications (WALKMAN, Album and Movies), NFC One-touch connectivity and much more.

As you might imagine, creating a premium Tablet experience, where durability and design don’t compromise UX is challenging. So Sony thought to discuss overcoming that (and more) with Xperia Tablet Z’s designers – enjoy!
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