iRiver add on speaker for iRiver Clix2

dockingsystem.jpgThis cute little iRiver add-on speaker with an infrared remote-control sensor is for the iRiver Clix2 audio and video player. This tiny external speaker doubles as a stand for your iRiver Clix2. The built in 280mA lithium polymer electric battery can be charged via a PC’s USB port so also the player. It takes approximately one hour to charge and once fully charged you can enjoy MP3 music from the iRiver Clix2 for approximately7 hours. The speaker output is 1W (monaural).

With 35 hours of stand by time, the iRiver add-on speaker measures 54.7X49.5X14.9 mm, weighs 34.7g (with battery) and is all yours for approximately 4,980 Yen ($40).