iRiver S10- Competitor to iPod Shuffle?

The new iRiver s10 is a better option to the new iPod Shuffle. The new iRiver s10 is aimed at people who are attracted to the super-small Shuffle, but want more innovations. The iRiver is slightly bigger than the new iPod Shuffle, but believe it or not it has a 1.15 inch 128×96 OLED screen and 2GB capacity. With FM recording, the iRiver10 is only 10mm thick and weighs 1.9gms more than the Shuffle.

Iir3.jpgt seems the only place Shuffle beats the iRiver10 is battery life. The iRiver10 battery life is 8 hours(Shuffle is better in that regard). The iRiver s10 will be available in Korea starting September 18 for $175, or $140 with 1GB of memory.