iriver T30 limited edition 2GB flash player

The iriver Corporation unveils a new limited edition T family flash memory player “T30”.The Small and lighter 2GB flash memory player comes with equivalent functions such as multi-codec support, FM radio scheduled recording, SRS WOW ,voice recording, direct recording from a stereo(line-in ) and 4-line backlight LCD for more convenient music search. The easy grasp design fits in the palm of your hand. In addition to the pre-set equalizer and custom EQ with 10 modes the T30 can be used as a mass USB storage device also. A single AAA alkaline battery can last for 20 hrs of continuous playback.

The iriver “T30” with measurements 60×30.4×22.1mm weighs 27g and is available in rose red color. The MP3 player goes in sale from June 30 for approximately 12,980Yen (US$112).