It Happens Only in Japan – 105-year-old Japan man sets 100-meter, shot-put world records

A 105-year-old Japanese man Hidekichi Miyazaki, established world records in the 100 meters and the shot put at a Masters” athletic meet held in Kyoto Japan on Wednesday. Hidekichi Miyazaki ran the 100-meter race in 42.22 seconds and marked 3.25 meters in the shot put, both world records for elderly male athletes aged 105 to 109.

A 105-year-old Japanese man_shotputMiyazaki imitated Olympic gold medalist Usain Bolt’s lightning pose after he finished the 100-meter dash. But he was not fully satisfied with the record, saying, “I wept bitter tears because my target time was 35 seconds. His 29.83 seconds still stand as the fastest time for 100- to 104-year-old men.
A 105-year-old Japanese man_sports

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