Its a man’s world – The best of Gizmodude

Guys, its winter time… and we bring to you an array of options to make you feel HOT! As for garbs, the Heated Cargo Pants and the Snow Shoe Grippers take care of you when you are out in snow spell. For once a fridge calls out to all you guys – The LG Bar Fridge is the latest hit amongst men. Call a all-guys party and enhance the drinking hole theme with these Color Changing Glasses or the Pub Optic Drink Dispenser or 19th Hole Pub Set Pint Glasses. Throw a couple of Do-Nuts on the floor and allow your friends to plunk on them and just chill! Its not that we encourage alcoholism, but a little bit of it now and then will only help to keep you warm in this frosty weather! For the tee-totallers we have the Dunk mugs too hold your biccies as you sip on your hot beverage! For the music buffs who cant exist without music even in their bath, this MP3 Shower Mirror is a must for their bathroom. Finally, keep a tab on time the Bond style with this Omega Seamaster Planet sported in Casino Royale.