Kokuyo workers work on the rooftop of its headquarters to reduce CO2 emissions!

kokuyo_office.jpgJapanese office supplies manufacturer Kokuyo opened a garden office on the rooftop of its headquarters in Tokyo on Thursday in a bid to cut back on electricity consumption and reduce carbon dioxide emissions. With this innovative step, Kokuyo aims to reduce its overall CO2 emissions by 56 tons a year, about 10 percent of it through the garden office. The company feels workers will be able to work more efficiently in a natural environment. About 140 employees are expected to work in the garden office for 90 days a year — about a third of their annual work days. The rooftop office uses latest energy saving devices such as sensors, LED lights etc.

To make the atmosphere more natural,cool and friendly, the company has planted trees and also installed a man made pond on the roof top of the building. All these steps will keep the atmosphere cooler especially during summer. Solar panels are installed to block the sun light and to produce electricity. Workers will have to wear blankets during winter season while working in the roof garden office. Only if it rains, they will be allowed to move indoor. Electricity outlets and a wireless LAN system have been installed on the rooftop so the workers can use computers.