Korea Institute of Materials Science Develops Aluminum Coated Fabrics for Wearable Devices

Korea Institute of Materials Science (KIMS) has developed technology to coat various surfaces with liquefied aluminum. The core of the technology is turning aluminum into a form of nano-particle ink and coating fabrics with it. Using the technology, conductive fabrics that are used in wearable devices such as smart watches can be produced. As aluminum-coated fabric is safe with human body when compared with nickel coated conductive fabrics, the new material is expected to be in high demand for use in wearable devices.

Korea Institute of Materials Science center’s internal technology firm ALINK is currently producing fabrics for wearable devices, and is preparing the launch of aluminum-coated filters that block ultrafine particles efficiently. If the application of aluminum-coated textiles is successful, the production costs of precise circuits could be cut down to one fiftieth of the current method in which gold or silver ink is used to coat fabrics.

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