Kyocera 7.5 inch LCD screen with LED backlight solution

Kyocera launched the series production of a 7.5 inch LCD with LED backlight solution, in both color passive and active matrix. Kyocera LCDs with LED backlights are suitable for portable devices and measuring instruments. The LED backlight solution does not only meet Kyocera’s claim for ecological products but also contributes to an increased reliability: The on-chip LEDs offer improved vibration and shock resistance over CCFLs (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp), which incorporate glass tubes. The LED backlight solution of the 7.5 inch LCD allows luminance to be controlled. A “low luminance” mode is possible for operating environments with low ambient lighting, which reduces power consumption and extend battery life.

LCDs with LED backlighting require no inverters, which are essential in CCFLs. No high-voltage power source is required, making it easier to obtain safety standard certification. In addition, since there is no interfere, the need for EMI (electromagnetic influence) suppression is greatly reduced or eliminated. Kyocera’s LCDs with LED backlighting are mercury-free and offer a significant benefit to the environment.