Kyocera announces mamorino safe children mobile phone with location tracking and emergency alert features

Kyocera today announced the launch of mamorino safe children’s mobile phone for Japanese market with location tracking and emergency alert features. The Kyocera mamorino is a mobile phone for young children equipped with GPS tracking and a feature that only allows the phone to place outgoing calls and texts to pre-programmed contacts. The handset has a simple design — unlike typical mobile phones the mamorino does not have a full number keypad — with an LCD screen, 3 one-touch keys, a call-end key, front jog wheel and an action key. As the safe mobile phone is intended for use by children under the age of 10, the location tracking feature allows parents to check the child’s location at any time, and a location alert feature allows the child to easily inform their parent of their own location.

Furthermore, the handset is equipped with an emergency alert that projects a loud alarm for the child’s safety. In the event of an emergency or trouble, a special service allows the emergency alarm to automatically notify Secom Co, Ltd (home and business security services) emergency response personnel. The handset is available in two vibrant colors; an eye-catching yellow, and blue which is popular with young children, either of which are great for both boys and girls.