Kyocera Develops Worlds First SAW Filter with High Selectivity for the Prevention of Radio Wave Interference

Kyocera has successfully developed two types of compact Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) filters — for reception and transmission — that dramatically improve the prevention of radio wave interference in next-generation high-speed wireless communication networks such as WiMAX. This development creates the first SAW filters in the industry in the high-frequency range of 2.6 GHz to feature high selectivity and low loss characteristics. SAW filters are used to separate desired signals in high-frequency bands.

Using circuit design, simulation, and microfabrication technologies that have been developed through years of research, Kyocera has achieved a 30 dB typ. attenuation of signals adjacent to 5 MHz-wide bands in the 2.6 GHz range, boasting an insertion loss of only 2.5 dB typ.