Kyocera Grows Green Curtains of Foliage to Help Meet Energy Reduction Targets in Japan

As part of its ongoing environmental protection activities, and to help meet foreseeable 15% energy reduction targets around Japan due to the effects of the March 11 earthquake, the Kyocera is planting Green Curtains which are grown on trellises to shade windows and outer walls of manufacturing and office buildings at 19 locations in Japan. The foliage of the Green Curtains create a screen, preventing direct sunlight and heat radiation from raising the internal temperature of buildings — thus reducing the load on energy-intensive air-conditioners during the hot summer months.

Green Curtains mitigate temperature increases inside workplaces thus reducing the load on air conditioner units, and can also help reduce the overall operation time. At some of the company’s locations with Green Curtains daily air conditioner usage time is reduced thanks to the cooling effect of the Green Curtains in the morning hours.
The Kyocera Group Green Curtain Activities Web site provides an overview of the eco-friendly activity with photos and illustrations showing how to grow your own Green Curtains, complete with a list of materials and step-by-step instructions for planting seeds and constructing trellises.
Last year, Green Curtains grown at Kyocera Group locations stretched a total length of 616m (2,021ft), covering a total area of 2,479m (26,684ft). This year the company plans for the total area of Green Curtains to be further expanded.