Kyocera’s recrystallized ruby used in the design of the limited-edition of Casio G-Shock watch

Kyocera today announced that it’s recrystallized ruby – known as- created ruby has been employed for the first time in a decorative design application as watch parts. Previously the company’s original crystal technology, which produces synthetic gemstones with crystalline structures identical to naturally occurring gemstones, was only used for traditional jewelry applications. The ruby material has been utilized in the design of the limited-edition model MR-G, the highest-end series in Casio’s shock-resistant G-Shock brand watches. 4.85 carats (approx. 0.97g) of Kyocera’s recrystallized ruby has been set into the inner-casing around the numerals in the city code display design.The pure ruby-red coloration only attainable in a recrystallized ruby is the perfect embodiment of the MR-G’s theme color, Japanese traditional deep red, and boldly expresses the strength and beauty of the watch.

Recrystallized gemstones, which can be produced with fewer internal flaws and impurities than naturally occurring gemstones, feature several advantages including: Brilliant coloration, high transparency, durability for easy cutting, and a wide range of size and shape possibilities. The limited-edition Casio MR-G watch which utilizes Kyocera’s recrystallized ruby will be featured at BASELWORLD 2010, taking place in Basel, Switzerland from March 18-25.