Leadtek WinFast DVR3100 H TV tuner supports both digital terrestrial and analog TV

The new Leadtek WinFast DVR3100 H TV tuner supports both digital terrestrial and analog TV, both DVB-T and FM radio, and also stereo/SAP and HDTV/AC3 support in full screen. Powered up with Hardware MPEG-2 encoder you can record your favorite TV program with lower CPU usage and at the same time watch TV and use other PC functions on your PC. WinFast DVR3100 H uses the LCD TV-level NTSC 3D Y/C separator to distinguish between signal Y, Pb and Pr. This process helps deliver the richest color and perfect images. Different from traditional IC component design, the exclusive WinFast DVR3100 H PCB design facilitates the built-in IC receiver and gives the best performance ever! Exclusive Multiple Video Processing mode (M.V.P. mode) enables two TV cards and up to four channel program processing simultaneously. TV enjoyment is now easily upgradeable with another WinFast TV card for viewing both analog and digital TV on a PC! Not to forget WinFast’s all-in-one I/R sensor remote control for the most comfy laid back viewing ever. You don’t even have to get off the sofa to switch the PC screen on or off.

With the user friendly WinFast PVR2 interface and exclusive bundled application software WinFast DVR3100 H turns your living room into a professional cinema with handy functions like Time Shifting, Scheduled Power-up, Direct Burn and Twin View. And for WinFast DVR3100 H Deluxe users, the exclusively bundled WinFast CardMate means it is no longer necessary to constantly ‘plug and pull’ connecters between analog and digital TV input. As an auto-switch daughter card, WinFast CardMate acts as a perfect bridge for both of your analog and digital TV viewing.