Lexus HS250h first dedicated hybrid model launched in Japan

Lexus announces the launch in Japan today of the HS250h, its first dedicated hybrid model. Specifically, the HS250h combines outstanding driving performance with a hybrid-system-achieved 23.0km/l fuel efficiency, which is exceptional for a premium sedan. A concerted effort has also been made to use Ecological Plastic, a plant-based plastic that reduces environmental impact, for interior parts and components.
The cockpit environment has been designed to lessen the need for physical movement or switching visual focus, thus allowing the driver to concentrate fully on the task of driving. These are among the advanced features that make the HS250h a new breed of premium sedan.

Based on the brand’s core principle of “pursuing the essence of luxury”, Lexus aimed to develop a luxurious “harmonious sedan”, hence the “HS” in the vehicle’s name. The result is a car that not only exists harmoniously with Earth and people but also exudes the high quality for which Lexus is renowned.
Lexus plans to introduce the HS250h in North America in September.