LG announces sales of more than 10 million refrigerators with its patented Inverter Linear Compressor Technology

LG announced the sales of more than 10 million refrigerators with its patented Inverter Linear Compressor around the world since 2001. In 2007, LG sold one million of its Inverter Linear Compressor-equipped refrigerators and increased that number to five million in 2011 and 10 million earlier this month. LG’s technology employs a straight piston drive instead of a conventional reciprocating drive, resulting in less internal friction than conventional motors. This increases the refrigerator’s reliability and durability while also generating less noise while running. LG refrigerators featuring Inverter Linear Compressor technology proved to be approximately 32 percent more energy efficient than those equipped with conventional reciprocating compressors, contributing significantly to lower electricity bills.

LG_10 million refrigeratorsIn addition to its versatile Inverter Linear Compressor, LG’s Door-in-Door feature has also contributed to strong refrigerator sales. Door-in-Door makes it easier for users to reach frequently accessed food and beverages, helping to prevent cold air escaping when the fridge door is opened. To maintain its industry leadership, LG has filed approximately 3,100 patent applications in 16 different markets related to its Inverter Linear Compressor.
LG_10million_refrigerators_saleLG is so confident in its technology that the Inverter Linear Compressor has been covered under a 10-year warranty since 2009, a first in the industry. In 2001, LG introduced the world’s first refrigerator powered by an Inverter Linear Compressor, continuing to improve the technology ever since.

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