LG IPS4 Monitor delivers Stunning Picture Quality with Lifelike Color Expression

LG today announced the availability of a new line of monitors, the IPS4 series. The new IPS4 series monitors feature In-Plane Switching (IPS) rather than conventional Twisted Nematic (TN) panels, allowing for superb color reproduction, exceptional picture quality and unmatched color shift-free wide viewing. Thanks to an impressively wide viewing-angle (178 degrees), the new LG IPS monitors enable viewers to enjoy superb picture quality without any color shift whether sitting, standing or lying down. The Dual Smart Solution feature uses a simple one-click set-up to run dual monitors, and even creates a dual taskbar and auto-optimized dual web split screen.

The Dual Screen feature optimizes the window size to automatically divide the screen to view multiple web pages, making it easier than ever before to multitask online. The LG IPS4 series monitors are equipped with a cable management design that does away with the messy snarl of wires. The IPS4 series is much more energy-efficient compared to conventional LED monitors without sacrificing picture quality. LG’s IPS4 series will first become available in Asia in May followed by Europe and North America in the coming weeks.

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