LG launches slimmer Tromm Styler

LG today unveiled the new, slimmer 2015 edition of its Tromm Styler. Tromm Styler is a quick and easy way to sanitize, deodorize and remove wrinkles from your clothes. The styler keeps infrequently worn clothes like suits, blouses, and special occasion outfits clean and odorless. Tromm Styler with its moving hanger and steam cleaning features can reduce dry cleaning bills and give a long life to your sterilized clothes. With NFC tags on (Tag On) function, user can check the working of the machine via his smartphone as well can select a desired function.

LG_Tromm_styler_whiteThe 2015 Tromm Styler model is about 30 percent smaller in volume with dimension- 44.5 centimeters in width, 58.5 centimeters in depth and 185.0 centimeters in height. Styling standard course time is reduced from the existing 39 minutes to 34 minutes.
Tromm_Styler_LGLG Tromm Styler takes care of clothes eliminating odors and wrinkles in a cycle of 34 minutes, to get clothes smelling (and sterilized) as soon as removed from the drying rack. Removing the hassle from the dry-cleaning process, this amazing LG Tromm Styler in-home dry cleaner device will surely make daily chores more efficient.

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