LG Touch 10 monitor expands the horizon of touchscreen technology with Windows 8

LG Touch 10 monitor -ET83 is optimized for use with Windows 8, launched by Microsoft last week. Whereas conventional touchscreens enable two-finger dragging, scrolling and pinching, LG’s 23-inch Touch 10 monitor allows all ten fingers to be used simultaneously. The highly responsive touch screen also enables the user to take advantage of Windows 8 features, including the on-screen keyboard. The Touch 10 monitor also supports a capacitive stylus (purchased separately) should the user prefer a pen-like interface. For tablet and smartphone owners, the LG Touch 10 monitor will feel like a huge improvement in the intuitive user experience they’re familiar with.

The impressive 23-inch monitor from LG is great for musical applications featuring virtual pianos, synthesizers and string instruments. A bigger display is also makes watching movies, playing games and children’s educational programs much more enjoyable. A range of touch-friendly apps is available from the Windows Store. The Touch 10 monitor is an excellent choice for those looking to enjoy an enhanced touch computing experience without having to upgrade their entire PC.

To ensure optimal picture quality, the monitor utilizes an advanced In-Plane Switching (IPS) panel. IPS displays have inherent advantages over conventional Twisted Nematic) displays in terms of both color and clarity. The range of colors displayed is both vibrant and naturalistic, with good contrast and overall consistency. The LG Touch 10 monitor will be available in Korea next month followed by markets in Europe and elsewhere.

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