LG Unveils its New Cutting-Edge Lineup of Advanced Refrigerators at IFA 2015

LG at IFA 2015 unveiled its latest new cutting-edge lineup of advanced refrigerators designed to meet the needs of eco-conscious European consumers looking to maximize their convenience in the kitchen. LG made consumers’ lives easier with its innovative Door-in-Door technology to give family members quick access to frequently sought food items. LG has taken this one step further by adding another Door-in-Door compartment, doubling the convenience. The right Door-in-Door compartment is accessible from the outside at the push of a button, making the space perfect for items that are frequently consumed by every member of the family, such as snacks and drinks. The left Door-in-Door compartment can be opened with the Hidden Easy Open Handle at the bottom of the door and is ideal for storing essential cooking ingredients such as pre-chopped vegetables, condiments and sauces.

Both Door-in-Door compartments are equipped with Moving Baskets, enabling users to easily adjust the height of the internal compartments as they see fit. LG refrigerators are equipped with Multi Air Flow to evenly regulate the interior temperature. Select LG refrigerators feature the unique Pure N Fresh air filtration system which circulates purified air through air flow channels to remove odors and keep food fresher longer. LG’s Smart Diagnosis, featured on certain refrigerator models, allows call center representatives to quickly diagnose any problems the refrigerator may encounter without having to make a house visit. Moist Balance Crisper keeps fruits and vegetables from rotting by maintaining the correct moisture balance.

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