LG Unveils New Framework For Advancing AI Technology AT CES 2020

LG unveiled the framework for the future of artificial intelligence (AI) development with the title of “Levels of AI Experience: the Future of AI and the Human Experience” at CES 2020.  The conceptual framework aligns with the LG ThinQ brand and its ambitious vision to transform the daily experience by connecting all aspects of people’s lives with intelligent touchpoints. This far-reaching plan creates a clear roadmap for AI where the ultimate destination is a cohesive system comprising products and services that can make anywhere feel like home.

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Efficiency, the first level, is where specific device and system functions can be automated through simple commands, which is currently possible with most voice recognition and AI-enabled products on the market today. At this level, the AI automatically adjusts performance in relation to pre-established sensory input parameters, maximizing efficiency in user interactions. An example of first-level AI is the LG ThinQ air conditioner that has a smart sensor to detect the presence of people in a room and adjusting the temperature and airflow accordingly, Dr. Park explained.

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The next level, Personalization, focuses on pattern learning to optimize and personalize device functions. AI-powered devices and services at this level can accumulate data from interactions with the environment and users, recognize patterns and use them to improve their ability to effectively perform tasks and simplify user interactions. Dr. Park described how LG’s next-generation R9 robot vacuum cleaner will be able to learn from mistakes (such as getting stuck in gaps and corners) by remembering spatial patterns.

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