Logitech announces the shipment of 100 Millionth Wireless Mouse

Today Logitech announced the shipment of its 100 millionth wireless mouse. Logitech introduced the world’s first radio-frequency (RF) based mouse for computers in 1991, initiating a revolution that transformed wireless technology from an industry novelty to a core part of today’s computing experience. Logitech chose RF technology in 1991 to improve on line of sight constraints associated with the infrared (IR) technology found in previous generations of wireless peripherals. Since that time, Logitech has continued to improve the consumer experience with wireless innovations such as the tiny nano-receiver and Logitech® Unifying technology that delivers faster and more reliable 2.4 GHz connectivity. Logitech’s Advanced 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity keeps you connected with virtually no delays or dropouts at a range of up to 10 meters.

While Logitech’s first wireless mouse had an MSRP of $150, the company now offers wireless mice with 2.4 GHz technology in the tiny leave-in nano-receiver, for as little as $24.99.