Mitsubishi Electric Develops Multihop Wireless Network for Surveillance Cameras

Mitsubishi Electric has developed a wireless network system for surveillance cameras that uses multihop technology to enable users to set up a network simply by connecting the wireless cameras using visualization software, without any need for power cords or a wired LAN. Commercially available surveillance cameras with wireless LAN function capability require an AC power supply. A wired LAN and routing equipment is also required to network multiple cameras. Mitsubishi Electric’s visualization software is a simple user interface for monitoring the wireless channels. It instantly visualizes signal conditions and possible breakdown locations to enable users to find the best locations for installing cameras.

Mitsubishi_Wireless_cameraMitsubishi Electric’s new system uses multihop technology to transmit the video images via a bucket relay system, eliminating the need for a wired LAN or routing equipment. In addition, the cameras are battery-powered for easy, flexible installation. Reliability is enhanced by monitoring the wireless channels’ status to control data volume and thereby reduce possible interruptions. Even non-technical persons can build and operate a network.

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