Mitsubishi Electric to install two 1,011-inch Diamond Vision displays at Saitama Stadium 2002

Mitsubishi Electric has received an order from Saitama prefecture to install two 1,011-inch Diamond Vision displays and 400-meter long Ribbon boards, as well as several other signage devices, at Saitama Stadium 2002. The North and South Side stands each will be given a Diamond Vision display. Measuring 23 m x 10 m, they will be 20 percent larger than the stadium’s current display, or almost as large as a full tennis court. Incorporating the highest quality light-emitting diodes (LEDs) aligned vertically and horizontally in an 8mm dot pitch, the new screens are able to display full high-definition video content, yet they will consume 35 percent less energy than the current display. Two Ribbon boards will be installed along the Main and Back Upper stands. Each will be 169.6 m long and 0.8m high. In addition, 29.2 m long Ribbon boards will be installed in front of the photographer areas along the North and South Side stands.

Simultaneous control of all Ribbon boards will enable total coordination of audio-visual renderings in the stadium.Outside the stadium, new 175-inch displays each measuring 3.84 m x 2.24 m will be installed at the South Entrance, which serves as the main entrance to the stadium. The displays feature high-luminance LEDs aligned in a 6.7 mm dot pitch, the highest resolution for outdoor devices in the country, and can be viewed clearly from as far as 2 m away in daylight. Also, a 19.2 m long Ribbon board will be installed on the back of the South Side Stand Diamond Vision facing outside to provide information to visitors. The Diamond Vision displays, which will be the largest in any soccer stadium in Japan, and the Ribbon boards, will be launched sequentially from March 2013 and all displays will be fully operative by March 2014.

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