Mitsubishi Motors to unveil European market Outlander on-road SUV at 2007 Geneva Motor Show

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation is to unveil the European market version of the Outlander on-road SUV and to display the Prototype-X concept for the next-generation high-performance 4WD sedan at the 77th Geneva International Motor Show in March. The Outlander on-road SUV to be unveiled at the 2007 Geneva Show raises the bar on fun-to-drive and fun-to-use as a new-taste SUV. Mitsubishi Motors Corporation’s new-age global platform, stiffer and providing superior levels of crashworthiness, a low-consumption/high-output aluminum cylinder block engine and an electronically controlled 4WD system all contribute to heart-thumping performance with feel-good response and faithful and predictable handling.

These qualities are complemented by fun-to-use levels of comfort and practical utility as seen, for example, in the split tailgate.