Mitsumi Develops Vibrator using the principle of speaker!

Mitsumi Electric Co Ltd developed a line of vibrators with a new structure using the principle of speaker and exhibited them at the company’s comprehensive technology exhibition “Mitsumi Show 2008” as a reference presentation. In speakers, a coil attached to a diaphragm is vibrated by a permanent magnet, whereas in the new vibrators, a weight incorporating a permanent magnet is vibrated by a coil.
Mitsumi exhibited three types of vibrators using this new structure. The R-type (16.6 diam. x 4.8mm) features a power consumption of only 13mW. The W-type (24.6 diam. x 9.3mm) has a wide frequency band of 30-500Hz. The SP-type (20.4 width x 20.4 depth x 4.8mm height), which derived from the R-type, has both vibrator and speaker functionalities that can be switched over to each other.

Although the details of the products have yet to be released, Mitsumi developed a structure that can effectively damp vibration at the resonance point and used the structure to increase the frequency band and reduce the power consumption. It is now possible to develop a model that can be switched between a vibrator and a speaker by leveraging the principle of a speaker, the company said.