Money Talks – The best of Luxurylaunches

The Gold rush is eternal as nothing on this planet is as empowering as this yellow metal is. Take a look at it yourself as the best of the luxurious stuff titivate in gold. The list rolls as – A $24K Gold Tan Line from Mariah for that golden-brown tan; ‘GAMA Old School’, a 1,800cc bike with 18k gold for the flashy bikers; TrekStor i.Beat organix Gold MP3 Player for $ 20k for golden melodies; LG’s Platinum Gold USB Edition for computer geeks! If all the tennis fans thought that all their favorite players only play tennis, then you are wrong! Currently retired Andre Agassi and Graf to Develop Luxury Hotel: Fairmont Tamarack while Maria Sharapova’s White PEBL Phone is unveiled. Also Andre Agassi Tennis Racket bearing his face is an appropriate mark of respect to this eight time Grand Slam title winner. We all know that a diamond is the best known form of carbon; but Heart-In Baby Diamond made from Infant’s Hair by a Japanese maker is a ground-breaking notion. On a lighter note, here’s something only Saddam Hussein or Bin Laden would think of acquiring- Bulletproof Toilet For $100,000 (as they may not allow their bodyguards to accompany them for pooping)