Mr. Bond this high-speed sports car turns into a boat at the touch of a button!

The high-speed sports car Rinspeed Splash created by Swiss genius Frank M. Rinderknecht, 48, at his car company Rinspeed turns into a boat at the touch of a button. At the push of a button a hydraulic mechanism transforms the sports car into a propeller-powered boat. Then an integrated ‘hydrofoil’ system lifts the car to ‘fly’ two foot above the water’s surface. This high-speed amphibious sports car can swim, hover above water and it’s no slouch when it comes to flat-out speed either. It’s the sort of car that any self-respecting secret agent would be proud to be seen in.
The Rinspeed Splash can reach 125mph on the road and accelerates to 60mph in 5.9 seconds. The water performance is impressive too, with the Splash reaching an impressive 45 knots. That’s fast enough for water skiing or knee boarding. The secret of the car is hydrofoil, a nautical technology used to lift the hull of boats from the water to increase speed.

The body of the “Splash” is watertight and special buoyancy chambers provide extra lift. The car impressed viewers at the Geneva Motor Show and is set to be a hit with concept car fanatics worldwide.The “Splash” is powered entirely by natural gas, which should keep any environmentally James Bonds happy.