MSI AE220 All-in-One PC comes with innovative eye protection technology

MSI today announced the all-new AE220 21.5″ touch control entertainment system equipped with the E2-3000/A4-5000 APU of AMD’s Kabini platform. The AMD Kabini platform delivers exceptional rendering performance and packs massive power into a 15W processor. The MSI AE220 features the E2-3000/A4-5000 integrated with AMD Radeon HD 8280/8330 Graphics for a big boost in multimedia and 3D performance compared to previous generation. Incorporated in the AE220, the Flicker-Free technology stabilizes electrical currents and stops most flickering, which is generally invisible, regardless of computer settings, to protect eyes and prevent tiring. The MSI AE220 supports Blue Light Control technology, developed by MSI, for effectively reducing blue light emitted from your screen to safeguard your eyes.

The MSI AE220 is equipped with Creative’s latest Sound Blaster Cinema sound technology. The AE220 with a COM Port supports a variety of different commercial applications, including barcode scanners, credit card readers and so on. Its sophisticated look and business functions make the AE220 perfect for different commercial environments, such as boutiques and fashion stores.

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