MSI N9600GT Series graphics card based on NVIDIA GeForce 9600GT Series GPU

MSI today launched its latest MSI N9600GT Series graphics card, base on NVIDIA GeForce 9600GT Series GPU. After rising both of the memory bandwidth and number of stream processors inside GPU core, MSI N9600GT Series can achieve even better benchmark result or real application performance than its predecessor, NX8600 Series. MSI N9600GT Series easily surpass performance of GeForce 8800 series by applying NVIDIA SLI technology. Even the performance of single N9600GT is twice of NX8600GTS series, basing on real DirectX 10 game titles.
With momentum of keeping innovation, MSI enhances the thermal parts deeply with two branding new design, special “Seaweed-blade Fan” and “BatMobile thermal shielding.” Seaweed-blade Fan applies hydromechanics that makes the most powerful air-flow and highest air-pressure real at the same time.

MSI_N9600GT_Fan.jpgComparing to fan-cooling with normal blade, MSI Seaweed-blade Fan gives you less noise and lower temperature at once. BatMobile thermal shielding is another enhancement of traditional 2-Slot fan design, which extends the hood as close as to the bracket, decrease turbulence cause by the unnecessary blank zone. The native streamline shape also makes the air friction as low as possible, providing less noise production.