MSI NX8800GT 1GB graphics card for High-definition gaming experience

MSI recently launched its latest MSI NX8800GT Series graphics card, base on NVIDIA GeForce 8800GT Series GPU with onboard graphics memory to 1024MB (1GB). MSI NX8800GT 1GB Series adopt 8 sets of Qimonda high speed, double data rate, high bandwidth 1Gbit graphics memory chips. All these high-speed 1Gbit memory chips also compliant RoHS regulation strictly. Low voltage level design and support advanced “Auto Refresh” and “Power Down with Self Refresh” operations. All these green and ECO concept gives user the maximum possibility for over-clocking and maintains minimum power consumption.
In order to give power users more privilege on over-clocking and advanced tweaking, MSI NX8800GT 1GB Series loads with a 2-Slot, 3 sets high efficient heat-pipes thermal solution. With this 2-Slot fan which can cover over 90% of the graphics PCB, not only GPU/memory but also other components onboard can be cooled at once, ensuring best stability at any condition.

After increasing the size of high speed graphics memory, MSI NX8800GT Series makes your High-definition gaming experience unparalleled smooth than ever. Just because of plenty of memory space for GPU utilized as frame buffer, more texture resource can be read and written in real time. And this makes the gaming in extremely high-definition possible.