Murata begins mass Production of Thin, Low-ESR Electric Double-layer Energy Devices

Murata has begun mass production of low-resistance (mΩ level) electric double-layer energy devices in slim, compact packages. To meet diverse customer needs in recent years, as battery devices must offer greater efficiency and functionality, Murata has focused R&D efforts on electronic double-layer energy devices. Technology introduced by CAP-XX, an Australian component design and manufacturing firm and Murata business partner as of 2008, has led to volume production of electronic double-layer energy devices with low resistance (mΩ level) in compact, slim packages.

murata_electric double-layer energy devices.jpg
Optimization of electrochemical systems, including the electrode structure, enables flexible charging and discharging from high to low output at a range of temperatures. By supporting momentary peak load, the components also level battery load and can drive high-output functions that are difficult for batteries alone.