NEC camera engine for camera phones provides high-quality images comparable to digital-still cameras

NEC today introduced its new camera engine CE 151 system-on-chip, an image processing device for camera phones to provide clear and high-quality images comparable to digital-still cameras. Based on the customer demands for higher image quality, the new SoC has an improved noise-reduction function that minimizes distortion caused by lenses and offer the latest generation 1.1 micron sensors to record still images and video frames. The new NEC CE151 SoC has reduced energy consumption of approximately 25 percent from the existing CE143 product offering, achieving both a lower demand for energy and higher performance, two elements particularly critical for camera phones.

The new CE151 SoC allows mobile phones to output full-HD (1080-pixel) video stream and still image data up to 13 megapixels received by the CMOS sensor. The Camera Engine Software Platform is designed for re-usability with a rich and easy-to-use command-layer application-programming interface (API). Backward compatibility with previous NEC Electronics’ CE series supports a smooth transition for existing customers to reach a new height in camera performance and functionality in mobile phones.