New planetarium developed by Takayuki Ohira recreates realistic night sky

A new planetarium at the Kawasaki Municipal Science Museum in Japan uses a combination of technologies to recreate a realistic night sky. The new planetarium was shown to the media on April 24.The 18-meter diameter planetarium dome uses two projection methods: an optical method that accurately displays 135 stars and a digital method that displays other stars and images. The number of stars that can be shown is said to be unlimited. The planetarium opens on April 28.

The planetarium was developed by planetarium creator Takayuki Ohira, 42, together with the Japan Science Foundation. Takayuki Ohira was born in Kawasaki (near Tokyo) in 1970. As a child he had numerous hobbies and interests. He loved to collect minerals, grow plants, develop photography, make animations, and manufacture rockets. As a child he had infinite questions to his parents. His question “Whom the sun belongs to” is probably still unanswered! Read More:

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