Nikon announces Digital Sight 50M monochrome microscope camera for drug industry

Nikon today announced the release of the Digital Sight 50M monochrome microscope camera for conducting high precision analysis and large volume sampling for use in applications such as well plate screening. During drug discovery research, efficacy is required through high-throughput screening, which involves selecting and evaluating chemical compounds that possess the desired effect from a large number of candidate substances. One of the challenges of undertaking drug discovery is capturing and analyzing large volumes of data efficiently and quickly.

The Nikon Digital Sight 50M makes it possible to capture 60-megapixel, wide-field-of-view images and conduct high-precision analysis for large volumes of samples, such as cell cultivation well plates. This camera can capture images of individual wells with a single shot and acquire images of regions of interest (ROI) at higher magnifications, thereby making it possible to locate regions without the aid of the naked eye.

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With greater fluorescence sensitivity than preceding models, the Digital Sight 50M can capture quickly and with high resolution even in faint light. By reducing exposure time, there will be less damage to samples. The Digital Sight 50M possesses a region of interest (ROI) mode that allows users to designate the region of a sample and capture images at high speeds. When using an ROI and employing the selectable binning modes, images can be captured at a maximum frame rate of 225.9 fps (640 x 480 pixels, 3×3 binning), making it possible to efficiently capture high-speed signals of moving samples.

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When used in combination with the integrated image software, NIS-Elements (sold separately), users are able to automate the workflow from image acquisition to analysis by simply inserting the well plate under the microscope. Armed with numerous software functions, the Nikon Digital Sight 50M makes it possible to automatically detect regions and assist with imaging areas that meet certain conditions set in advance, quickly and efficiently. When conducting drug discovery research, this contributes to an improved cell-screening workflow. The Digital Sight 50M will be available from Feb 1st.