Nikon Announces New Portable and Compact Binocular Model Sportstar Zoom 8-24×25

Nikon today announced a new binocular model, the Sportstar Zoom 8-24×25 binocular. The  Nikon Sportstar Zoom 8-24×25 binoculars feature a portable and compact body, and employ a zoom lever on the top of the body which enables smooth 8-24x zooming. The focusing ring can be operated while looking through the binoculars during observation. All lenses and prisms are multilayer-coated for brighter images and the body is a lightweight 305 g/10.8 oz.

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For sporting events in 2020, Nikon Sportstar Zoom binoculars are an ideal compact model for sports spectating, allowing anyone to enjoy them while watching various sports. The Sportstar Zoom binoculars are ideal for nature-watching and many other kinds of outdoor activities also. Nikon Sportstar Zoom 8-24×25 weighing 305g is available in three different body color options (dark blue, white and black).

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