Nikon announces Reading Magnifiers S1, L1 and U1 employing a high-precision aspherical lens

Nikon today announced the release of its Reading Magnifiers: the S1 with an easy-to-grip handle, the L1 for enjoyable reading in dark conditions, and the U1, a Universal Design loupe that reduces the burden on your hand as much as possible. All S1/L1/U1 series models employ a high-precision aspherical lens that reduces image distortion all the way to the lens periphery and feature hard coating on the lens surfaces to prevent scratching.

Reading Magnifier S1 is the latest version of the highly praised New Racket-Type Loupe, originally released in 2002 and now redesigned to deliver more comfortable handling for everyone. By optimizing the weight balance, the easy-to-grip handle minimizes the burden on your hand, while rubber material is used to prevent slipping and provides added comfort.

Integrating design elements from the S1 into the LED Lighting Loupes that were released in 2007, the Reading Magnifier L1 is created with ease of use in mind. A turn of the lighting unit switches the power on or off, and the lighting angle is easily adjusted for comfortable reading even in low light. Using only one alkaline AAA battery (LR03), the L1 is capable of up to eight consecutive hours of illumination.

Reading Magnifier U1 is a new, Universal Design-type of loupe, created for easy use by anyone. Its handle can be rotated 360 degrees for use as a stand to support your hand at a preferred position, enabling easier reading over extended periods of time. The compact handle can also be folded so that the loupe can be stored easily.

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