Nikon unveils Super Resolution Microscope N-STORM 4.0 optimized for dynamic nanoscale imaging

Nikon today announced the release of the Super Resolution Microscope N-STORM 4.0 at Focus On Microscopy. N-STORM 4.0 extends the capability of dynamic nanoscale imaging of conventional N-STORM to open up a new world of science. N-STORM 4.0 has been developed in response to the increasing importance of super resolution imaging in life science spotlighted by 2014 Novel Prize in Chemistry awarded to three researchers in this field. N-STORM 4.0 now has the capability of acquiring super resolution images of live cell phenomenon, which has never been achieved with conventional N-STORM.

comparisonNikon N-STORM 4.0 improves image acquisition speed from minutes to seconds for 1 shot with a new sCMOS camera, which is capable of approximately 10 times faster image acquisition than before. Thanks to this improvement, it is now possible to acquire images of living samples dynamically at 20nm resolution. N-STORM utilizes positional information from single molecules to construct the images.

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