Nikon LED magnifier “light” 4D/8D

Nikon has introduced Nikon light/write equipped magnifier “light” 4D/8D. These magnifiers come with LED so can be used when there is less light, in dark etc.The white advanced LED gives natural light with more natural colors. Both the Nikon magnifier “light” 4D/8D can be used with the left/ right hand easily. The Convex aspherical lens is made of plastic with special surface hardening coating. The1.5x, 4 diopter Nikon Model“Light” 4D magnifier utilizes a large lens measuring 107×53.5mm, with 2 white light-emitting diode (surface/back). The Model “Light” 4D measures 155x170x22mm, weighs 110g (no battery). The 2x, 8 diopter Nikon Model “Light” 8D magnifier utilizes a lens measuring 80mm, with one white light-emitting diode. The Model “Light” 8D measures 200x90x22mm, weighs95g (no battery). Both Nikon magnifiers use easily available alkaline button battery LR 443 and can be used continuously for approximately 8 hours.

Light 4D will cost 15,000 Yen ($130) and Light 8D 13,000 Yen ($112) and will be available from August 25th. Both the new Nikon light magnifiers are designed to provide clear, detailed viewing for hobbyists and professionals alike even in dark.
Via Nikon (Japanese)