Nissan and Tochigi Prefecture to carry out real world driving tests of the 100% electric commercial vehicle e-NV200

Nissan in cooperation with the Tochigi prefectural government will carry out real world driving tests of the 100% electric commercial vehicle, e-NV200, in the prefecture’s rural areas from September 3. The e-NV200 test vehicle to be used is based on Nissan’s multi-purpose compact van, NV200. The electric vehicle Nissan e-NV200 will mainly be used to collect agricultural products from farmers to be sold at roadside markets, among other activities.The field test will also verify the convenience of electric vehicles from the viewpoint of rechargability at homes in agricultural communities, where gasoline stations are gradually decreasing because the population is shrinking and aging.

The test will also demonstrate and verify that electric vehicles are much kinder to the environment when used for pick-up and delivery to markets because it is emission-free. In Tochigi prefecture, a power supply field test of an electric vehicle’s capacity to store electric power is also planned to be conducted by the end of the current fiscal year. Nissan has road tested the e-NV200 with several other major fleet companies this year, including AEON Retail and FedEx Express in Japan, and British Gas in Europe. However, this will be the first test with a local government authority.

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