Nissan uses new technologies to expand NISMO Heritage Parts range in Japan

Nissan will utilize its new technologies to bring to the Japan market additional parts in the NISMO Heritage Parts program, a series of genuine repair and replacement parts for discontinued vehicles. The new technologies include dual-sided dieless forming for body panels and 3-D printing for resin parts. Nissan unveiled dual-sided dieless forming technology in October 2019 as a method to produce body panels in low volumes. The method enables the molding of complex shapes through the use of robots pressing rod-shaped molding tools onto opposite sides of a steel sheet to incrementally deform and mold a panel.

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With this production method, Nissan plans to produce rear panels for the R32 Skyline GT-R. Nissan created prototypes while incorporating the sheet metal know-how of skilled workers and used dual-sided dieless forming and non-lubricated processing with mirrored diamond-coated tools as a base. By working closely with its suppliers, Nissan has achieved the high-quality required for automobile parts. The NISMO Heritage Parts program, launched in December 2017, has expanded parts delivery from 80 to 300 parts.

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