Nissan Fuga with world’s first Distance Control Assist System launched in Japan

Nissan today announced the release of the new Fuga luxury sedan, which went on sale at dealers across Japan today. The new Fuga features a revised model lineup, a redesigned exterior and interior, Nissan’s new VQ35HR and VQ25HR engines and the world’s first Distance Control Assist (Intelligent Pedal) System. Using an accelerator pedal actuator, this system assists drivers in controlling the distance between their car and the vehicle in front, reducing the driver’s workload in a variety of driving situations – from city driving to expressway cruising.

Living up to its marketing tagline of “SHIFT_luxury,” Fuga transforms the traditional notion of a luxury car. Fuga is available in three grades (GT, GT Type S and GT Type P) for three engine variations (V6 2.5-liter, V6 3.6-liter and V8 4.5-liter). 4WD version is available for 350GT. With a sale target of 620 units per month in Japan, Nissan Fuga is available in price range: 3,969,000 yen ($35,160) to 6,279,000 yen ($55,620).